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Koi Princess: A Japanese Adventure

Koi Princess is a great game for those gamers who enjoy a classic online five reel experience that gives players lots of jackpots and endless diversion. Gamers get a slot machine game that provides a fair amount of wins as long as players line up the right amount of symbols. Koi Princess provides players with a splashy and colorful interface that will appeal those into exotic designs and feels. This game has a sleek interface and an exotic theme. One can expect lots of cherry blossoms and rising suns as this is a game right after the anime fans heart. Fresh out of the box from Net Entertainment, one can expect it holds up to the gaming standards.

Japanese anime has become a popular and specific style that has acquired a cult fan following, and here its unique qualities are integrated with different Japanese images to make a very attractive design. The land of the Rising Sun has a special kind of appeal and the playing strategy isn't too intense or complicated. For those looking to play online casino gameswhile enjoying the positive pacific theme of this game, it is time to play Koi Princess.

There are lots of cheering and intricately designed symbols of a Japanese theme. Most of all, players have provided positive feedback for many of this games features and bonus rounds. In addition to being fresh out of the NetEnt box, players have kept going back for the amazing graphics, advanced animations and stunning sound effects. The strategy for wins is very simple, however there are a few things to keep in mind. Although there are a sporadic scatter of random wild features, there are also four extra bonus features and huge payouts that can be triggered.

Those who are just starting out in the world of slots should know the basics. This game emulates the experience of playing in a real casino environment without the stress of a hectic casino environment. Not only do the reels simulate this experience. The object of Koi Princess is to get reel symbols to line up in a specific order. Depending upon the symbols matched and number of matches on the reel, it is possible to secure high points and even trigger a jackpot. These symbols sport an exotic princess theme that is reminiscent of Japanese anime.

Princes Koi gives players 20 paylines and multiple bonus feature, with a Jackpot that can win players up to 5000 coins. Not only are the jackpots large, they are also frequently occurring if not sporadic. The secret of this game is to become a frequent player, thereby increasing one's chances of earning a jackpot. Another way to get the best out of this Japanese themed casino game is to place line bets where symbol alignment is most likely to occur. This is truly were all the action lies. The wins are diverse, making for a lot of excitement. Players are able to bet small or large sums so this is a game that will appeal to people of large of small online casino pokie budgets.

This game gives players an abundance of wild and scatters in addition to other to other features that were made to boost high payouts and keep players motivated. There are also random features that will be triggered. In fact, one of 4 random triggers can spice things up. All it takes is 3 koi featured on the screen. Depending on the Koi chosen, the feature will show up.

There are different random features as follows:

The Wild Random – The wild random feature gives players one spin which will become 4 and 9 wild symbols. This feature is a big favorite with players seeking to build on smaller wins previously accrued.

Wild Reels - This feature gives players between 2 and 5 completely wild reels. These are an unpredictable and unique feature of this game. These reels have been found to trigger

other wild reels, however, these are really unpredictable so play away!

Bonus Activation - The bonus activation feature is when a random reel is presented to the player. While only one of these features can be activated at a time, it is well worth the wait as players have the opportunity to win large amounts of money in one spin.

Bonus Rounds – A favorite of all slots games, these are triggered randomly with three bonus symbols. The symbols that one chooses to randomly select will then determine the amount of money is won or if there is a new trigger for even more jackpots!

This game is also loaded with tons of bonus round features. There isn't much criticism of this new game, and in fact, seems to be one of the best online casino games out there for anime enthusiasts and those loving classic slots as well.